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MTV The Challenge Double Agents 36 Ep.1 License To Killer Kam


TJ LAVIN: (The Handler for The Challenge 36) flies down from a Private Jet Plane and lands on “The Land of Fire & Ice”. TJ was waving a hand over the top of his (sleek duo hairstyle) and swaged walk towards the Challenge 36 crew. Nelson copied TJ expression of waving over his (hair duo) as the crew cheered and laugh when TJ stepped off the Private Jet Plane and walked on “The Land of Fire & Ice”.

TJ says, their is a “Secret Dead Drop” worth One Million DollarsKam talks about wanting her Bank Acct. to look like a phone number digit at the end of this Challenge 36 Season…Ya’ Go Gurl !!

MISSION DECRYPTION: The 1st name of the Game.

The Female Team went 1st and the Male Team went 2nd to climb up the Volcano Mount. During the Male Team rough playing to get the Capsule, CT accidently hit Wes in the face with a player shoe. The Hill was very high steep to climb to get the Capsule that had a colored code on it. To Win, you must get the exact and correct color code in order. Aneesa Won on the Female Team and Fessy Won on the Male Team. Aneesa chosen Fessy as her Team Partner for Season “The Challenge 36“.

Everyone else had to pick their own Team Partner. Kam wanted CT to be her Team Partner when she approached him and asked. CT jumped up and down a few times and walk away from Kam without commitment to her Question. Kam knows now that CT is not ALL THAT !!

DOUBLE AGENTS: check out this clip below !!

CT says, Ashley, picked him to be her Team Partner. (Are you sure about that CT ?!? LOL). Anyways, Kam & Josh are Team Partners and Leroy & Kaycee are Team Partners right now.

In THE CHALLENGE 36: DOUBLE AGENTS, Ep.1 (The Club) were spending time for All Teams to relax. Big T team partner Joseph was too relaxed and fell asleep. Joseph was a real live “Party Pooper” (LOL).

Aneesa and Fessy, can not be picked for Elimination because they are untouchables for this Season 36. Two Winners of the “Mission Decryption” Game: Aneesa and Fessy are the only two Double Agents that can see (who votes for who) without the others knowing, ( A New thing) !!

Voting Process

OPERATION FIRE ESCAPE: The 2nd name of the Game.

Deliberated Teams : Wes and Natalie – Ashley and CT

Women Elimination: Ashley and Natalie Ashley Lost and went home! Natalie Won and had to choose between to KEEP her Team Partner, SWITCH from Double Agent crew, or STAY with the Loser Team Partner.

Gold Skull Achievement: Natalie