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The Challenge 35 double elimination: Jordan is so lonely without fiance Tori… (you know), the one that thought she out smarted Jenny and sent her own self home last week., Yup!!! (The Plan Done Changed On YOU Gurrrrrl )…

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Tori and Jenna hugging after Elimination
“Tori Lost To Jenna”

Anyways, The Decontamination Challenge is the name of the Game . Cory had a good strategy of the game to remember which different and exact color to put on the stack pile, but it has (done him no good) because he did not win. Bananas and Wes think too much of themselves Like, So Arrogant! Bananas didn’t invent anything!!, he should have invented himself a winner! LoL

The Challenge: Total Madness Two Red Skulls Review
“Johnny Bananas Ready to enter the Foam”

The Color Stack Pile 1st winners

Fessy was the Guy to finish his color stack pile and Mattie was the Gal to finish her color stack pile.

Nelson vs. Kyle: No Fight Here! Nothing to see but Two Guys gettin’ a close-up (face-to-face). During the color stack pile challenge, Nelson was choking inside the form and appeared to been lost! Everyone concerns that it has taken him a while to get out the form (presto he’s alive) no missin’ person report to fill out… Big T bugged out when she jumped off the top bunk bed, cut her foot, and got stitches. here’s a deleted scene below-

She did it herself and glad she’s alright! JOSH is so whack!!! ( just wanna put that out there)…

Josh Martinez Shocked
“Josh Martinez Shocked”

The Challenge Double Elimination Pole Wresting

Fessy vs. Jordan: What it really was, not a fair match at all !! Fessy has (2) two good working Arms & Hands Jordan does not… Jordan did not give up, so Congrats! to Jordan (even though he Lost).

Nelson vs. Bear: I Did Not see them “Pole Wresting”, I saw them both “Pole Dancing” together without music (LOL). Nelson and Fessy joins the “Red Skull Team“.


“The Challenge Total Madness | Fessy vs Jordan & Nelson vs Bear”