Vin Diesel ‘Bloodshot’ Movie Review: Nothing Special

Fly Editor
Fly Editor
Vin Disel starring in Bloodshot

Bloodshot movie Vin Diesel plays Ray Garrison, an elite soldier that was killed in battle. Then brought back to life by advanced technology which gives him the ability of a superhuman.

Vin Diesel with Red Eyes
Vin Diesel Bloodshot movie Red Eyes

That means super strength and fast healing with these great abilities, comes with drama. Ray goes on a solo revenge mission. On a hunt to kill the person who killed his wife, yet he thinks it’s real in this universe they created in his head. Later on, he soon regains memory that makes him question everything and how nothing can’t be trusted.

Average Shot

Bloodshot overall was decent. Nothing special it just felt like your typical Vin Diesel movie. Nothing fancy or surprising, with so much slow-motion not needed scenes. Tons of explosions with CGI, special effects. Came off similar to The “Reddick” and “The Fast and The Furious franchise. If you watched the trailer then I’m proud to say you actually saw the movie.

Superhuman Abilities

I got to the say the cool abilities Ray Garrison had was pretty cool, with many tech functions from GPS tracker, fast healing, computer-like features, incredible strength, and other cool technology. As well the soldiers who were labeled as “Damage Goods” got amazing tech upgrades. Katie / KT (Eiza González) breathes the air-filtration system in her chest, while Jimmy Dalton (Sam Heughan) has some advanced robotic legs.

No Bullseye

Little to no combat skills, most fightings scenes were just CGI to the point, it becomes very noticeable. Dialog between characters felt forced, especially with the tit-for-tat scenes between Dalton and Ray. It gets worse with the terrible jokes they like to throw at each other or just to lighten the mood but every one of them just fells flat.

Within the first 20-30mins of the movie, it’s got boring. Extremely prediction to the point, you’re just waiting for anything exciting to happen. ( And I Mean Anything) Bloodshot is originally from the Valiant Cinematic Universe. Therefore if you’re a huge fan of the comics this movie doesn’t do any justice what’s so ever.

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